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How to make money with penny stocks 2020

If you are new to stocks and are considering investing in the market, it may be your best bet to start with penny stocks. This is one of the most popular investment options for amateur investors. The low investment costs are the reason why new investors prefer to invest in this type of trade.

How to make money with penny stocks 2020
How to make money with penny stocks 2020

Although this is a risky investment, it seems to be of interest to many people who expect a good return on small investments. If you are interested in online trading and want to indulge in this risky investment, it is important to thoroughly examine the profit and risk factors. Knowledge is the true power of trading, especially in terms of online trading of shares listed in cents.

Tips on how to make money from penny stocks

Start by investing only a symbolic amount

If you have no previous experience, buying cheap stocks can be too comforting. It is more advantageous to buy one company’s stock at a price of $ 2 per share than to invest in another company’s stock, which is available for $ 2,000 per share. In addition, it makes sense to buy small shares from different companies. This will ensure that your entire money is not lost all at once when circumstances injure you. Remember to invest no more than 3 to 5% of your share capital in stocks that are quoted in cents.

Look for complete information before investing

Many early stage investors are not interested in society’s role in the economy and operations before they make a name for themselves.  Consulting an expert or broker who is familiar with Stock Exchange and other major exchanges would help you understand the trade.

Study the trading volume

Mostly penny stocks are liquid. A significant portion of the investment is owned by developers who are always ready to sell. A major problem is that you will not find many buyers. This can increase the severity of the problem. In the long run, it will be very difficult for you to sell your share. It is therefore very important to study the history of the transaction volume. You need to review the transaction volume for the past six months. You should check if the transaction volume was high or low. If you observe irregular outbreaks, it may indicate tampering rather than high liquidity.

Encapsulated for manipulation

Unlike other large stocks, these stocks can be easily manipulated. It is a fact that most investors buy shares on the basis of word of mouth recommendations. As a result, it becomes easier for unscrupulous resellers to steal your money. It is important not to let oneself be carried away by biased or manipulated media reports in television programs, newspapers or newsletters. It is extremely important to research thoroughly before investing.

The stock price may not recover

For stocks listed in cents, many investors believe that the stock price will not fall. However, this is just a big mistake. The stock price may never recover if a company has commercial or legal problems, the promoters have cut their financial support, or the manipulators have already won their share. In this case, you can simply forget to receive the returns. After some time, the stock exchange even deletes the company list. As a result, you cannot even trade that particular stock. It is therefore very important to work with strict stop-loss goals.



Why international trade is important 2020

International trade allows countries to exchange goods and services with money as a medium of exchange. The benefits of international trade have been the main drivers of growth in recent decades.

Why international trade is important 2020
Why international trade is important 2020

Countries with strong international trade are prosperous and have the power to control the global economy. World trade can become one of the most important factors in reducing poverty.

Types of international trade

There are three types of international trade: export trade, import trade and commercial warehouse. The warehouse trade is a combination of export and import trade and is also known as re-export. This means importing goods from one country and exporting them to another country for added value.

Reasons for international trade

Countries turn to international trade when there are insufficient resources or capacities to meet domestic demand. By importing the necessary goods, a country can thus use its national resources to produce what it produces better. Then the country can export the surplus to the international market. A country mainly imports goods and services for the following reasons:


If foreign companies can produce or provide goods and services at a lower cost, it may be advantageous to trade abroad.


When companies can offer high quality goods and services abroad. For example, Scotch whiskey from Scotland is considered superior.


If it is impossible to manufacture this product in the domestic market, an example is a special type of fruit or minerals. Country like Japan has no natural oil reserves and imports all of its oil.


If the demand for a product or service in a country exceeds national production, it is imported.

The importance of international trade

More choice of goods for consumption:

International trade introduces different varieties of a particular product from different destinations. This offers consumers a wider range of opportunities to not only improve their quality of life, but to grow the country as a whole.

Promotes production efficiency:

International trade promotes production efficiency as countries use better production methods to cut costs and remain competitive. Countries that can produce a product at lower cost can gain a larger market share.

Creation of more jobs:

With the country’s growing commodity market through trade, more jobs could be created. International trade helps create more jobs by creating new industries to meet the needs of different countries. This will help countries reduce their unemployment rate.

Reduces trade fluctuations:

By expanding the market with large inventories and high demand, international trade reduces trade volatility. Commodity prices tend to remain more stable.

Use of excess products:

Through international trade, various countries can sell their surplus products to other countries and earn foreign exchange.

Lower costs

International trade allows a country to consume products that cannot be produced domestically or whose production can be very expensive. This makes the import from other countries cheaper by foreign trade.

Promotes peace and goodwill:

International trade promotes peace, goodwill and mutual understanding between nations. The economic interdependence of the countries often leads to close cultural relations and thus avoids a war between them.

Financial Market

The impact of fraud in financial markets 2020

In today’s society, millions of people invest their money in various financial markets to try to earn high returns or make profits to take certain risks in order to use them in retirement. Whether you are investing for short term profits or planning for retirement, the risk is certainly what you will incur when you invest your hard earned money. Investors should certainly make informed decisions about investment opportunities and have a close look at all potential investments. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen recently, some companies or individuals try to seize the opportunity to steal hard-earned money of others.

The impact of fraud in financial markets 2020
The impact of fraud in financial markets 2020

The effects of online fraud in the financial market are undeniable. This law introduces direct financial loss. Online fraud and digital identity theft are causing millions of dollars in losses for the financial sector each year, not to mention e-commerce or telecommunications.

Financial fraud has been around for a long time and still torments our world with the various forms used by the various organization.

Financial fraud has become an inescapable phenomenon, forcing the government and other regulators to enact or enforce more stringent regulations to deter possible financial scandals.

Listed below are the impact online fraud has caused to the financial market

Loss of good reputation

Security issues directly impact the company’s reputation, which must compete with the established reputation of traditional banks. The loss of reputation has a direct impact on the acquisition of new customers as well as on relationships with partners and investors.

Loss of customer confidence

Security is essential to the clients of a financial institution. Online fraud is perceived as an attack on the security of personal and financial information and leads to the loss of customers looking for facilities that offer them more guarantees. Even if the customer is not completely lost, cross-selling with these accounts can be impacted, which minimizes business with the institution.

However, the problem does not stop there: Even if fraud is due to online payments to third parties, studies indicate that a high percentage of customers consider the financial institution responsible.

Security audits

Security audits are required for all companies that store data classified according to the LDPD (Personal Data Protection Act) with the medium or high-security level. Financial institutions are expected to require a high level of security. Therefore, an audit should be conducted every two years.

However, the absence of an audit does not result in any sanction per se, loss, alteration, unauthorized access or processing of personal data.

Loss of income

All the above measures directly or indirectly result in loss of income that in any way affects the profit or loss of the institution. For large financial institutions, this loss can be more or less offset.


In summary, online fraud has far-reaching effects on the financial sector far beyond the immediate loss of income, apart from the impact online fraud has on of loss of income, it has also caused loss of reputation and trust on financial sectors which manifests itself in the short, medium and long term.  

Forex Trade

Beginners guide on how to make money via forex trade 2020

Foreign exchange transactions are very different from the stock market. In order to participate in foreign exchange trading and to make a fortune, you must carefully analyze the technical and fundamental characteristics of trading. There are many learning materials on the market that will help you learn the tricks of the trade and become the best investor in the market. These study documents would convey a basic idea of ​​the business and improve your business skills.

Beginners guide on how to make money via forex trade 2020
Beginners guide on how to make money via forex trade 2020

This will give you a good overview of the current global market trends, market risks and various currency effects. No matter if beginner or forex trading expert, these learning tools will help both. You will learn how to use the latest software and other forex trading tools. They will find basic ideas and technical knowledge about the trade as well as risk management, market analysis, rules, market indicators, the trading environment and global markets.

What is forex?

The foreign exchange or foreign exchange market is the market on which the currencies are exchanged. For example, in the simplest form, a foreign exchange transaction may consist of a transfer of your local currency for future holidays to a new one. An estimation of more than $ 5.3 billion is traded daily between governments, banks, corporations and speculators.

Listed below are tips on how to make money on forex trade

Learn more about the financial markets

Before you start trading, you need to know the different types of markets and the market that interests you the most. In addition to trading in currencies, you can also consider trading in commodities, indices, and stocks. The best way to learn more about a market is to know why others believe that the market is changing and what different catalysts can cause the price or the exchange rate to fluctuate in a particular direction.

Learn how to do your own analysis

Forex traders typically focus on two types of analysis, which include fundamental and technical analysis. Basic analysis is the study of macro events that will change the price of a currency pair. The technical analysis examines price developments, including momentum, trends and reversal patterns.

Find a good broker

A forex broker handles the execution of transactions. While this is their most important function, a broker has many features that you should know before you deposit money with this broker. Look for the notifications from your potential broker and make sure there are no red flags. Fraud warnings or withdrawal issues are most important. They also want to make sure that there is effective customer service.

Start with a demo account

Most reputable brokers offer you real money accounts as well as demo accounts. A demo account is an account on which you trade paper money, no actual capital. Most good demo accounts offer almost all products for a real money account.


Before you trade in the foreign exchange market, you need to take several steps. You must first know the financial markets and the type of information you need before you start trading. Try to learn both basic and technical analysis. Find a forex broker that you believe is trustworthy and provides a wealth of information. Use a demo account before you risk real money.


How to invest in the stock market 2020

Emerging investors have many opportunities to buy stocks, you need to spend more time managing your investments. If you want to outperform the market, you have to pay higher fees. If you want a lot of advice, you also have to pay more. If you do not have much time or interest, you may need to settle for lower scores.

How to invest in the stock market 2020
How to invest in the stock market 2020

The investment decision is a personal decision. It depends on your comfort with the risk. It also depends on your ability and willingness to spend time learning the stock market.

Here are ways to earn money and invest in the stock market.

Buy stocks online

Buying stocks online is the least expensive but gives little advice. You only pay a flat fee or a percentage of your purchase for each transaction. It can be the riskiest. Obviously you get little or no advice. This requires that you thoroughly consider how you invest. That’s why it takes most of the time. It’s a good idea to check the best online trading sites before you start.

Investment clubs

If you join an investment club, you will receive more information at a reasonable cost. However, it takes a lot of time to meet the other members of the club. You may need to pool some of your money into a club account before investing. Again, it makes sense to look for the best investment clubs before you start.

Full-service brokers

A multiservice broker is expensive because you have to pay higher fees. However, you will receive further information and recommendations. It protects you from greed and fear. You have to look around to choose a good financial professional you can trust. The Securities and Exchange Commission provides helpful tips on choosing a broker.

Money Manager

Fund managers choose and buy stocks for you. They pay you high fees, usually between 1 and 2% of your total portfolio. If the manager is doing well, it takes the least. That’s because you can meet them once or twice a year. Make sure you know how to choose a good financial adviser.

Index funds

Index funds, also called Exchange Traded Funds, can be a cost-effective and secure way to profit from equities. They simply follow the actions in an index. Examples include the emerging MSCI Emerging Market Index, the fund goes up and down with the index. However, there is no annual fund involved but it is impossible to outperform the market as index funds only follow the market. Nevertheless, there are many good reasons why you should invest in an index fund.

Investment funds

Mutual funds are a relatively safe way to profit from equities. The fund manager buys a group of shares for you. They do not own the share but a share in the fund. Most funds have an annual commission of between 0.5% and 3%.

Sell ​​your stocks

It is just as important to buy stocks as to know when they are sold. Most investors buy when the stock market is high and sell themselves. An accomplished investor, however, follows a strategy based on his financial needs.

If you do not have much time to manage your stocks, consider a diversified portfolio. This means maintaining a balanced mix of stocks, bonds and commodities. The stocks ensure that you benefit from market increases. Bonds and commodities protect you from setbacks.