Algorithm of the crypto-games


1. Sign Up at Ecxhange and convert ethereum (ETH) to PT tokens.To do this in the Finance tab - transfer from your external wallet, or other exchanges on its exchange deposit required number of ETH. Exchange ETH for PT in the Trade tab.
2. Create your personal Ethereum (ETH) wallet – install from official site (extension for Google Chrome – MetaMask).
3. Withdraw the purchased tokens (PT) from the to the MetaMask crypto-wallet. To withdraw the purchased tokens (PT), in the tab Fianace select Withdraw against the PT tokens and specify the address of the MetaMask wallet.
4. Registry on site to join the Crypto Game. After registration, you will have access to your personal account where you can input and output tokens (PT) from Crypto Game, see the balance of tokens in your wallet, statistics of crypto games and much more.
5. Go to the menu section “ENTER PT INTO THE GAME” in your personal account. Unlock your wallet by selecting the unlock method - MetaMask. Add a part, or the entire amount of tokens into a crypto-game.
6. At the second level of the game, the interest rate is 4% per day from the deposit sum, with automatic reinvestment.
7. After 100 hours from the moment you’ve deposited the PT tokens into the Game, you can withdraw the earned tokens to your wallet and convert them into ETH. To do this, go to the menu section “WITHDRAW PT FROM THE GAME” in your personal account. Unlock your wallet by choosing the unlock method - MetaMask, from which you previously entered PT tokens into the Game. Output all tokens from the Crypto Game. After that, deposit the tokens (PT) to the Exchange and exchange them to ethereum (ETH).
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