Bounty Campaign
  • Bounty Campaign begins on April 9, 2018. Finish - August 31, 2018

  • Budget of the Bounty Campaign makes 2,000,000 PT. (1PT = 0.0002 ETH)

  • As remuneration for participation in the Bounty Campaign and successful performance of tasks, you receive Ponzi tokens on bounty balance. Once a mounth, Ponzi tokens will be transferred from the bounty balance to the address of ETH wallet indicated in the personal account.

  • All tasks should be verified by administrators. You post your task completed, and then the administrator approves or rejects your task.

  • Tasks that require weekly reports should be left on the BITCOINTALK forum in our Bounty topic - (should contain the name of the group (FACEBOOK, TWITTER, VK, etc.), task ID and references to its execution). Weekly tasks should be submitted no later than 12:00 (UTC) on the 8th day, from the moment of task initialization.

  • After completion of ICO and start of the Game, you will be able to input/output the Ponzi tokens in a crypto pyramid, or to trade in them at the cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • You should register your account on our website to participate in the bounty campaign. After adopting the bounty campaign rules, the task list will be available in the personal account of the "Bounty".

  • All tasks are divided by categories and costs. Each category has its own task list.

  • Each participant should be subscribed to the Telegram Channel of Ponzi Trust Campaign to participate in the bounty campaign for timely receipt of news and urgent messages.

    WARNING! DO NOT write any questions in the official Ponzi Trust Telegram Chat concerning bonuses, use only BOUNTY Chat for this.

  • You can make all articles, posts/reposts, tweets/retweets, comments, videos, etc. in any language.

  • Technical support for the bounty campaign will be carried out via BOUNTY Chat Telegram.

  • In case of any other questions, please contact us [email protected]

  • You should indicate correctly ETH address of your wallet in the "Settings" of your personal account to receive bounty bonuses every week, otherwise you will not be able to get a remuneration.

  • Tokens earned in the Bounty campaign are paid every last day of the month until 12:00 UTC.

  • Only those Facebook/Twitter/VKONTAKTE accounts that have more than 70 friends may participate in the bounty campaign. Information on number of friends should be public.

  • Accounts should contain more than 70% of real subscribers (you can check by

  • You may not delete posts from your personal pages until the end of the bounty campaign.

  • Facebook / Twitter / VKONTAKTE / YouTube accounts should be real. Fake, closed, inactive and bot accounts cannot participate in the bounty campaign.

  • You may not participate in the campaign from several accounts. The participants using several accounts will be blacklisted.

  • Ponzi Trust has the right to refuse your participation, if you do not follow all rules of this campaign and provide false information.

  • Spammers and participants, who crudely violate rules of performing tasks, will be blocked and suspended from participation in the campaign.

At this stage of our project, we have the task to attract the maximum number of new participants, the more of them, the more stable our cryptogame will be to bring to you the desired profit! We want to further motivate you in the process of attracting new investors to the cryptogame. We allocate a budget and expand our referral program, setting a reward of 10% of the token amount purchased by the Ponzi token referee. This offer is limited in time and valid until May 15, 2018, or until the end of the ICO, depending on which of them will occurearlier.

If you have a concept, allowing to bring our idea to a larger audience (bloggers, online publications, etc.), we are ready to consider the possibility of individual remuneration. Contact with your suggestions to the administration in our Telegram chat (, or by e-mail ([email protected]).

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