1. General questions


This is the first financial HYIP/financial pyramid/Ponzi scheme on the blockchain in the history build on it’s practical use. Participation in this game can bring a high profit.
  • Buy in a reliable crypto-currency exchange or crypto-exchange for your fiat currencies a crypto-currency Ethereum (ETH) or any other crypto-currency and exchange it to ETH.
  • Transfer the crypto-currency (ETH) purchased from the exchange to your wallet (Ethereum Wallet, MyEtherWallet, Metamask etc.). – This is necessary because you cannot buy Ponzi tokens as any others, from the exchange wallet, so that you become the token's owner and not the stock exchange.
  • Purchase Ponzi tokens for ETH through the ofcial wallets of the Ethereum community (Ethereum Wallet, MyEtherWallet) or any other wallets supporting ETH and allowing you to add tokens (for example, Metamask), using the instruction from Ponzitrust.com in your in "Buy PT" section.
  • Wait for the start of the game and invest Ponzi into the game directly through your Personal Account at our site (the function will be available from the start of the game). Or with your wallets of Ethereum Wallet, MyEtherWallet, Metamask, etc. using the instruction from Ponzitrust.com in your Personal Account in "Invest PT" section.
  • Withdraw in time (increased in the course of your participation in the game) Ponzi tokens (which can be exchanged for ETH at exchanges) from the game.
  • Sell your ETH for the fiat currencies or exchange them for any other crypto- currency, for example Bitcoin, and sell them for the fiat.
  • In the future, you can again, immediately or after some time enter the game at this or next level of the Ponzi Trust pyramid and repeat the cycle.
In 99 % of cases, for speculative purposes, hoping for the income significantly higher than that obtained with bank deposits, shares, and other old financial instruments. We provide a crypto-currency of new generation whose growth in price is provided by the available financial instrument, the "Ponzi Trust" game.
Because we are not cheaters. If you know an ICO, which is definitely not a fraud, which have a good idea, or have a good team, or have few competitors and are lucky, and who will not fall apart, and who further will recognize their tokens and introduce them into their ecosystem, and who will withstand all twists of rapid technological development, etc., etc., etc., then buying tokens at such ICOs is probably an interesting idea, too.
Robots, professional traders, big players leave little hope of winning at the exchange.
Ask a competent programmer to read the terms of the Ponzi Trust game smart contract. And make sure that SCAM is technically impossible.
We offer a new financial instrument for the crypto-world. Not just a token that grows in the price, because other people buy it, but a financial instrument in the form of Ponzi Trust game where Ponzi tokens can be invested into and from which a daily dividends can be obtained, regardless of the market value of the token itself.
One smart contract is for Ponzi token. The other one, for Ponzi Trust game.
This is the first in human history decentralized financial pyramid/HYIP based on smart contracts recorded in the blockchain of Ethereum network.
This is a unique and already completed project, neither of them is needed.
In honor of Charles Ponzi, a swindler and fraudster. We set ourselves the goal to create an honest game on the basis of his swindle.
In fact, this is the sale of game tokens through which you can further participate in the decentralized game.
Any bank or banking system having only a share of the deposits made at its account is in fact, at every single point of time, a pyramid; any state pension fund receiving deposits from new investors in order to pay pensions to retirees is also, in fact, a pyramid; any modern state burdened with exorbitant debts is a pyramid. It is about trust. Do you recognize the progress and new technologies of blockchain, smart contract? If yes, then maybe it is worth participating not in the fiat, classical pyramids, but in the first pyramid at the blockchain.
We think that there are elements of excitement in it, as, in fact, anywhere related to the exchange or creation of assets.
You can see the latest information at any time at https://etherscan.io., by typing in the search bar: Ponzi (smart contract number: 0xc2807533832807bf15898778d8a108405e9edfb1)
We believe that our project is revolutionary. It is for the first time when the guaranteed percentage of the deposit increases  and is fixed in the blockchain. It is the mathematical law. The natural step of the evolution of the bitcoin’s idea. It is the more progressive idea. And the progress inexorably wins.
Since its creation, the bitcoin has grown more than 5 million times as of March 2018, i.e. more than 500 million percent. What do you think on how much can the token grow having essentially the same functionality as the bitcoin? – convenience of transfer, divisibility, opportunity of reliable storage. But in addition, for the first time in history, the blockchain has the ability to yield a fairly stable income.
Yes, and both the token smart contract and the game smart contract are fully available at Github and Etherscan.

2. Financial questions


With the beginning of the game, automatically, in addition to the opportunity to participate in the game, the following becomes possible: transfer, exchange, investment into the exchanges and trade with Ponzi tokens.
You can keep it in your wallets, trade at exchanges, invest into Ponzi Trust game in order to obtain a profit guaranteed by a smart contract.
Purchase discounts for tokens are provided only at the stage of PRESALE, at the stage of ICO there is a price increase from 0.001ETH to 0.005ETH.
7,258 % for 3 months at the 1st level; 41.92 % per year starting from the 14th level.
All first payments under the unchangeable terms and conditions of the smart contract are made in ETH. When the account is out of ETH, payments are made in Ponzi. Ponzi can be exchanged at crypto-currency exchanges for ETH.
It will be determined by the balance of the supply and demand of the exchanges.
Because of the people that desire to multiply their capital, and the awareness by the increasing of the number of participants in the crypto-world of the effectiveness of our financial instrument - the Ponzi Trust game.
Yes, there are two opportunities to benefit from our referral program:
  • At the ICO stage, the referrer receives 10% of the amount of Ponzi tokens purchased by the referral from the token smart contract for ETH. In order for the referrer to get bonuses, the referral shall specify the address of the referrer's Ethereum wallet when purchasing Ponzi tokens. The place where he shall specify the address of the referrer's Ethereum wallet is the field of additional data. For example, in MyEtherWallet this field is displayed when clicking on the link of "Additional data". Charging payments to the referrers based on the amount of their referrals' contribution in ETH is made manually – once a week.
  • At the Game stage, the referrer receives 1 % of the amount of Ponzi tokens transferred by the referral to the Game. To do this, when entering Ponzi tokens into the game the referral shall specify in his Personal Account, in the section of "Enter PT" the address of the referrer's Ethereum wallet is the special field, the "referral link". Also, he can do it in his Ethereum wallet in the section of dealing with contracts. For example, in MyEtherWallet there is the tab of "contract", where the referral enters the contract data of Ponzi token: address, ABI JSON interface. After that, when the function of entering the game is called, indicates the referrer's address as "data" parameter. Charging payments is made automatically.
Because we consider our game as potentially capable to attract a large number of participants.
On the exchanges, the token will be listed on July 12, 2018. Simultaneously, the creation of the PonziTrust Exchange is finishing - it starts working in the TEST version before June 1, 2018. It will be possible to sell / buy Ponzi tokens (PT), at the beginning in pair with ETH, futher with other crypto-currencies.

3. Ponzi Token


Because the Ponzi token is in the decentralized Ethereum network which supports only one exchange unit, the ETH.
When purchasing tokens, you access the token smart contract directly, that is, you purchase tokens directly from it. To make sure that the smart contract does not deceive, you can ask any programmer to read the contract code publicly available at Github or Etherscan.
Yes, it is based on the generally accepted ERC-20 standard.
Purchase Ponzi tokens for ETH through the ofcial wallets of the Ethereum community (Ethereum Wallet, MyEtherWallet) or any other wallets supporting ETH and allowing you to add tokens (for example, Metamask), using the instruction from Ponzitrust.com in your Personal Account in "Buy PT" section.
Please log in into the Personal Account. Make sure that you have correctly registered the address of your wallet in "Settings" section. Verify that the transaction was completed successfully. Check the purchase status which appears at the bottom of the page in the Personal Account. Crediting the tokens is made automatically but depends on the system operation through which you have purchased them. If you are sure that the transaction was made but you still did not receive your tokens within 24 hours, write in the Telegram chat. Also, if the tokens are no longer displayed, clear the cookie and browser cache, if that did not help, write in the Telegram chat specifying the login and description of the problem.
Check your inbox in "spam" or "other mailing lists" sections. Usually, the activation message comes in a few minutes, but there may be delays due to the operation of mail servers. If the letter does not come within 24 hours, please write in the Telegram chat.
The duration for tokens’ crediting varies from a few minutes till 24 hours.
No, the number of tokens cannot be increased, and can only decrease due to the loss of access to the wallets where they are stored and due to wrong transactions.

4. Ponzi Trust Game


At the initial stage, for fans of Hyip projects; as the technology of blockchain spreads to all participants of the crypto-currency community who are interested in a new, interesting, and strange financial instrument.
In 24 hours after the end of the ICO.
As safe as you trust the smart contracts in the Ethereum network.
To participate in the game, you should register a personal account using the registration service at Ponzi Trust website (you can start the game in 24 hours after the end of the ICO). Or play by accessing directly the smart contract, in your wallets of Ethereum Wallet, MyEtherWallet, Metamask, etc.
No, participation in Ponzi Trust game is possible only with Ponzi tokens available.
When withdrawing a deposit, a commission of 10 % will be charged both on the deposit body and all the interests; the commission entirely goes to the game smart contract and immediately becomes available for payments to the players that remain in the game.
You invested 1,000 Ponzi coins at the first level of Ponzi Trust game. At the first level of Ponzi Trust game, an interest rate of 5 % per day is provided to all participants. Your investment strategy involves minimization of risks, and you decide to invest money for 20 days. When exiting the game, you will receive: 1,000 + 5 % for each day, including the compound interest (for 20 days it amounts to 1,653.29 coins) minus 10 % (commission for deposit withdrawal). Total: 1,000 +1,653.29-265.33 = 2,387.96 of Ponzi coins.
The cost of transactions does not depend on the level. But the longer you are in the game at each level, the more expensive it will be to exit the game, as the compound interest is calculated by days. The formula for calculating the approximate cost of exit is as follows: 31,700 + (735 * days in the game). For example, you have spent 90 days in the game and want to exit, the price (gas) for transaction is: 31,700 + (735 * 90) = 97,850 of gas. Or for 365 days: 31,700 + (735 * 365) = 299,975 of gas. 1 ETH = 1 000 000 000 of gas.
We recommend that newcomers to the Hyip games invest minimum amounts, or do not invest at all, making a possession of tokens, exchange, and trading them at the exchanges. The professionals of Hyip projects are those who should play.
No, and this is guaranteed by the blockchain and 2 smart contracts (Ponzi token and Ponzi Trust game) in the Ethereum network.
No, for an additional deposit you should open a new wallet.
No, you can withdraw the entire amount of the deposit, and then put back into the game some part thereof.
At least in 100 hours after the deposit is made to Ponzi Trust, the maximum period is unlimited.
No, even in the case of DDOS or other hacker attack and Ponzitrust.com site is unavailable, you can continue playing at your wallets: Ethereum Wallet, MyEtherWallet, Metamask etc. by accessing directly to the smart contract of Ponzi Trust game. Ethereum blockchain itself is the guarantee of the game safety. We will never ask for your private key at Ponzi Trust game website.

5. Diferent levels of Ponzi Trust game


With electricity, Internet, computers/smartphones, blockchain available, the number of levels can be indefinitely large.
Lack of funds at the general account results in termination of the game and transition of the smart contract of Ponzi Trust game to a new level. The transition to a new level involves zeroing of all deposits and prohibition of any transactions relating to the Game: input/output, etc., for any users for a period of 168 hours. In each game there will be losers and winners. The winner takes the money of the one who did not have time. You can calculate everything by yourself and proceed with the conclusion, whether to withdraw the investment or wait. The advantage of this game is that everything is easy and transparently simple. Any figures you are interested in can be seen at Etherscan. The chances to win are equal for all; everything will depend on your tactics, self-control and the level of greed.
The first level is 5 %, the second level is 4 %, the third level is 3 %, the 4th level is 2 %, the 5th level is 1 %, the 6th level is 0.9 %, the 7th level is 0.8 %, ... the 14th level is 0.1 %, all the subsequent levels are 0.1 % per day.
It depends on the amount of funds at the smart contract of Ponzi Trust game. If funds are available, the duration of each level can be indefinitely long. In the absence of funds, the game moves to the next level with lower interest payments every day, i.e. becomes less risky and accordingly attractive for more investors.
By viewing the home page of ponzitrust.com. Information will be available after the end of the ICO and the start of Ponzi Trust game.
Each level has its own one, and it directly depends on the number of participants involved.

6. Other


For the first time in history of the blockchain, it has been given an opportunity to increase the deposit openly and honestly. We believe that this is a competitive idea.
You can get in contact with us by email, write a message in the user's Personal Account at the website or in Telegram chat.
To solve issues related to purchase of tokens or other problems, you may write to email, or in Telegram chat.

not a cheaters.

You can get in contact with us by

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