Crypto game rules

Cryptogame Ponzi Trust is an autonomous mathematical model deployed on the Blockchain. Fixed interest will be accrued and paid to those investing into itat the expense of investments made by new participants. Not having any vulnerability in the form of cryptogame organizers’access to its autonomous operation and investors’tokens, as well as publicly available statements of deposits status, gives cryptogame Ponzi Trust unprecedented degree of reliability.

  • You can make an investment in the cryptogame can only in the form of Ponzi tokens (ERC 20).

  • You can obtain Token Ponzi during the ICO in one of the following ways:
    - by purchasing them from Ethereum at the set exchange rate during the ICO (the price of one Ponzi token on the first day, from the moment of the ICO opening is ETH0.001, it further increases to ETH0.012);
    - having performed the “Bounty” task − campaign aimed at promoting crypto-games;
    - having received a bonus for attracting an investor through the referral program;
    - by purchasing them on crypto-exchanges, the next day after the ICO ends.
    At the ICO stage, Ponzi tokens cannot be purchased by sending Ethereum from the cryptocurrency wallets of exchanges/exchange offices.

  • During the ICO, you can purchase no more than 1000 Ponzi tokens per one cryptocurrency wallet.

  • An investment (any number of Ponzi tokens) into a cryptogame can be made 24 hours after the end of the ICO, in one of the following ways:
    - from your personal account, having registered on the official Ponzi Trust website;
    - by sending Ponzi tokens directly into the smart cryptogame contract from the cryptocurrency wallets that support this feature, such as Ethereum Wallet, MyEtherWallet, etc.

  • You can withdraw tokens from a crypto-game with accrued interest in 100 hours from the moment of investing. When withdrawing tokens, there is acommission in the amount of 10% of the number of tokens to be withdrawn, which is transferred in full to the general crypto-game account. Investors can withdraw tokensas long as the general cryptogame account has enough tokensto make payments.

  • Should it become necessary to change the amountinvested in the cryptogame, you must either completely withdraw your investment and then make a new investment in the cryptogame with a new amount of Ponzi tokens, or deposit tokens from another cryptocurrency wallet by making an additional investment if the task is to increase the deposit amount.

  • Cryptogame is divided into levels, where each level lasts as long as the general cryptogame account has enough tokens to pay investors, who are willing to withdraw their tokens from the crypto-game. According to the smart-contract, the organizers of a cryptogame do not have access to deposits, they can be withdrawn by the investors only.

  • In case the generalcryptogame account balance drops to “0”, the cryptogame will be placed on hold for 168 hours, after which it will start again from scratch. The next level works with a new interest rate (if this is the second level, then the interest rate is 4% per day, etc.). Stopping the level implies the termination of interest accruals and the ability to withdraw nested tokens from the finished level, since they were used to for interest accrual and tokens withdrawal by other investors.

  • The first level of a cryptogame has a fixed rate of 5% per day (e.g., if you deposited 100 tokens, you will get 105 tokens the first day, and 110.25 tokens the second day, etc.), the second level of a cryptogame has a fixed rate of 4%, and so on, up to 0.1% yield per day. All subsequent levels have a 0.1% yield per day.

  • Information on the general account balance (the address of the game-contract) is open, which allows the investors to monitor and track its changes, independently taking a tactical decision regarding investment or withdrawal of tokens.

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